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Friday, December 9, 2011

Gsm Hardware Library v5.0 -

What's New :
- Some old models removed (1100, 3100 etc ..)
- More solutions added (Charge, Display, Keypad, Lcd, Audio etc ..)
- Pinout Added for some models (useful to use with UFC ..)
- New Models added
- 2 brands Added (Samsung and Sony Ericsson)
- User interface improved
- Search Box Added : you can Search any solution in google and
example: type "3110 sim ways" and hit enter or press search
- Update check : now you can check future update directly from application and download it
- Print : to print any solution from application
select Brands>models>solution and press icon printer
note: solutions must be printed in landscape mode
- Name changed : "Nokia" replaced by "Gsm"

Special thanks to All the authors of Solutions (Archit Raj,vinay_sharma,Faycel_gsm and all Names displayed on their solutions )


Full Setup (


Part 1 (
Part 2 (
Part 3 (
Part 4 (

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